So much is happening this last week of school

Wouldn'tcha know it? I head home in only a few days now and yegads there still is a zillion things I want to accomplish!

That said, these last several days have been a blast including:
— Rafting on the Lachine Rapids
— Watching Argentina's fireworks display
— Kiwanis International Convention including seeing Morgan, Maggie, John, Troy, Brian, Joe, other Kiwanians from Edmonton etc. The HOD was the most fun ever (least drama, most efficient and awesome entertainment), plus the closing was great as was the one session I attended.
— shopping in the underground city, downtown, second hand book shops, music shops and so on… lots of shopping!
— a ghost hunt in old Montreal
— all you can eat Sushi
— Shwartz's for smoked meat!
— Fairmount bagels (yes, I walked there… that sure was a hike!)
— visited Mount Royal (more like a hill than a mountain although it was a great view and an awesome walk)
— saw the parade on St. Jean Baptiste day including meeting Jack Layton
— went to Caf├⌐ Campus (and the Grand Prix festival)
— saw the fashion shows at the Festival de Mode & Design
— went to the huge concert at Parc Maisonneuve for Fete St. Jean
— Saw some of la presence d'autochtones festival
— Went to Quebec City: saw the city, stayed in U of Laval rez, ate at The Creperie at the Chateau Frontenac, checked out le rue Petit Champlain, saw the glass blower, Ile d'Orleans, les chutes Montmorency, and a little museum and so on
— Saw the start of the Jazz Festival with the Neville Brothers (tonight's concert will also be amazing — the Jazz fest has been great!
— Watched the Montreal Impact soccer team win against the Rochester Rhinos
— Visited the archeology museum Point-├á-Calli├¿re
— Saw the awesome exhibits at the Museam of Contemporary Art including Brian Jungen and his native masks out of Nike shoes and some other awesome exhibits

Essentially it's been a great adventure these last few weeks… I'll miss it when I get home… but I hopefully won't have this horrid cold anymore… it's more than just a bit annoying to not be able to speak as clearly as I would like.