Montreal, a busy busy life!

So since I've next to no time to update, here's some of the many activities I've been up to:
— Went to Tadoussac and whale watched (yay for belugas, mink whales, and fin whales, but I didn't see the blue whales or killer whales or dolphins although there are some in the area).
— enjoyed the sand dunes
— went to club 737
— observed the city from the top of the Olympic Stadium aka the tallest inclined tower in the world
— went to Chez Mado (a drag queen club complete with show)
— ate at a great Vegan restaurant
— ate lots of poutine, sweets, yummy food, walked tonnes and generally enjoyed myself
— played badminton
— saw the botanical gardens
— did homework

Anyhow, I gotta run… gotta catch the Grand Prix Festival with friends tonight. If I don't get the chance to type sooner, I'm heading to Quebec city for the weekend (it's a long weekend because of la fete Nationale) after the parties in town.