So I'm going to try and update this thing…

I'm home. Sweet home. Nice to sleep on a REAL bed (no more cot for me!) and to not have to deal with an overly air conditioned room. Extra nice to listen to all the great CDs I bought, have real internet access, a phone with an answering machine, the lack of smoking on outdoor patios etc.

But I'm missing the green-ness of Montreal, the fusion of architecture styles, the history, and the particular genres of junk food, just to list a few things. The last few days included great restaurant trips, the aforementioned awesome JazzFest free concert (a Paul Simon tribute concert including Sam Roberts (who was the best of the named artists I remember the names of), Colin James, Elvis Costello, Holly Cole, Bedouin Soundclash, and so many other greats), our graduation celebration including traditional dancing (much like square dancing, or round dancing… a good ol' fun time!), some rockin' and some not-so-rockin' parties, sunbathing at the old port, La Ronde (a great Six Flags amusement park… BEST ROLLERCOASTER EVER!)… and of course goodbyes.

Since I got back, I've unpacked (but haven't yet done laundry), gone through my mail, and met up with Josh who was driving through on his way moving to another state. Today I went to the Street Performers Festival with my mom, my brother and my nephew. Such fun to hang out with a three year old watching some crazy performers, even if it did rain.

Anywho… I'm back in town… feel free to bug me if you want to get in touch or do anything. If I get my act together I hope to have some sort of casual gathering for my birthday on the 24th… oh and I'm also volunteering at the Capital Ex on the 23rd from noon-4pm, and if anyone else plans on hitting the grounds that day, I'd love to have some company to enjoy the rest of that day (from 4pm onwards).

But yeah… I'm home… and as much as I really need to catch up on things, I'd love to see you all again!