2006 January shopping = success! :)

So, as many of you may or may not know, I find January to be my absolutest favoritest month for shopping… that is shopping for me: pampering myself with clothes and other trivial material goods that is. I almost always stay within the amount of money I expect to spend, and never spend more than I can afford… but pick out some excellent buys anyhow.

This January shopping excursion was my second of the month. The first was to a consignment shop when I was bringing in stuff to re-sell… this one was to West Edmonton Mall… on a bright early Tuesday… and was not very busy at all (well, people *do* tend to work during regular business hours on Tuesdays). I got some exercise in too (that is if you count walking the entire mall as exercise. I do, but that's 'cause I *love* walking. I did however eat far too much *bad idea!!* so my stomach is semi-rebelling at the moment (I *really* ought to pay attention and not over eat, even if it is Tokyo Express food. Ordering just the amount of food that I'm actually hungry for would be much MUCH more logical).

In any case, I began my day with a nice quiet excursion to MAC… VERY quiet (in otherwords I was the only lucky shopper in the store, and had two sales people at my disposal)… and got me some more eye shadows along with some eye makeup remover. With that out of the way, I was ready to shop.

For the past several years, I've been wanting some nice basic black boots to wear with skirts and dresses in the cooler months (aka. much of the year) when open toed sandals aren't considered the most practical (I enjoy wearing open toed sandals). So, I frequented the shoe stores in the mall. Incredibly surprised was I when Aerosoles and Naturalizer (both stores have GREAT products) had HORRIBLE customer service. I was not pleased in the least (not to mention the fact that I didn't buy anything… you'd think that when I'm the only potential customer present they'd serve me, but I guess I'm not their target demographic or something? *rolls eyes*. Eventually I wandered into Da Vinci shoes where I did indeed find some great boots for a decent price. They fit remarkably well, and look rather stellar if I say so myself. If they hold up for any length of time I'll be happy as well. I'm wearing them around the apt right now to help break them in a bit. They reach almost up to my knees, and have a small heel to them too. Although they're likely not the best boots ever created, they're very nice!

Then it was clothing shopping time… and I found me a great flashy party dress (it'll be good at some point for a dance social or something of the like), and a casual warm-ish skirt. Overall it was a great shopping experience, one that was successful, and not overly expensive either.

Today's my day off. This means of course that tomorrow's my first day back at school.