Snow… & today's my first day back in class :)

Last night was a rather picturesque evening: The snow was oh so peaceful, the sights so pleasing to the eye. A good excuse to wear my new boots out in the cold (which are remarkably comfortable, even with the heels… they didn't even start to hurt at all until the nice evening walk was near completion. I adore evening walks… especially with such excellent company.

After many people telling me that I just *had* to see the movie 40-year old virgin, I finally did that also. Suffice to say it is one VERY amusing film. I must have chortled so much! The whole audience was laughing a tonne.

So today's my first day back in class. I'm actually looking forward to it. It'll be nice to see my profs and classmates again. I wonder who'll be in my evening classes. I've an idea (some people have said that they'll be taking them), but am still very curious (mind you, when am I *NOT* curious?). I hope that they'll be just as great as I think that they'll be! My daytime class (poetry writing) is full year, so I imagine that it'll be interesting regardless. I'll have to hit campus early and read everyone's poems.