Procrastinating sleep (AGAIN!)

So… here I am sitting in front of the computer yet again… pondering. Maybe I've been thinking too much as of late… maybe not. However, I'm not all tensed up silly-like with stress or anything of the sort. In fact, I'm in a rather lovely mood… relaxed and listening to some nice instrumentals.

Emotions get away from me at times (okay… probably more than simply just at times as of late… but 'tis a good thing these days, so why knock it?). School starts for most people tomorrow. I don't have class until Wednesday. In fact for those of you who care (of which I'm sure there are a few) my class schedule is essentially Classes Wed mid-afternoon until evening, and Thurs evening. Work thus does its wonderfully entertaining thing of being scheduled during all the days that aren't Wed or Thurs. Woo! I'm being specific in a very un-specific manner…. how unusual! 😉

I wish I knew what the repetitive knocking sound is. Greg agrees that there is indeed a knocking sound although neither of us can determine its source.

I'm not ready for this back-to-school thing. Sure, my homework is getting done (it darn well better… I wanna hand in NEXT WEEK's homework this week also (yay for having stuff due on dates when I REALLY would rather not set foot on campus unless I have to… it does mean I get things done on time somehow)), but I'd rather like this lengthy break from school to continue: I've been so busy with things that it doesn't feel like I've had much of a respite from things at all. That isn't to say I'm not looking forward to my classes: I am. In fact, I really truly am looking forward to having TWO amazing classes taught by Barb in addition to the poetry writing class I'm still taking. The subject matter just plain rocks! I almost can't wait for classes to start as a result.

Yet classes starting means the additional responsibility again. Not that I don't like responsibility (hey, I wouldn't be me if I didn't) but sometimes I just want to be a lazy ol' sloth, and relax sleeping away my days with naps, TV show box sets, books, music, and general whatnot. Not that I truly find the time often to do such things, but it's nice just the same.

Expectations… life… and all that jazz.

Surprisingly, I'm incredibly content with things, as much as I'm thinking/over-thinking, worrying etc. In fact, I might say that 2006 is off to a most excellent start… for more reasons than ever before almost.

Good luck to everyone on their first day back in classes. I'll attend a Kiwanis meeting (perhaps) and put in an 8hr workday instead tomorrow. No harm in that anyhow. The money'll be useful (always is), and I expect that we'll be busy, it being the first day back in school and all.