More Christmas musings (as I find myself still at my parents' and online)

The lights outside are quite enjoyable to walk through with my father, talking about whatever that comes up, although being interrupted by my brother's cell phone ring (I doubt I could get used to having a cell phone if ever I were to get one… at least not quickly… ack!) telling us at the point when we are almost the furthest from home that it was time to be back for my little nephew's gift opening. Talk about timing! 😉 Anywho… it's always quite fun to watch little ones open gifts… especially when they're so receptive. The papers certainly entertained… and fortunately even with the head-butt/hug that he provided me with, a great time was had by all. Cutest was the fact that he helped choose out my present… at least he chose the scents for candles. Not half bad if I say so myself. I wonder if I'll burn 'em?

Today I SO didn't go Boxing day shopping. Actually I did, if you count shopping in the Fort really Boxing day shopping: I bought some more pens (a box of 12) and a night shirt (yay for new pjs on sale!). Nothing spectacular, but fun to spend some time with my mother (who incidentally hates shopping *sighs*).

Then there's always food, and crossword puzzles at home… plus a zillion sports highlights and games to watch on the massive TVs, along with other entertainment for the holidays. No harm in any of that certainly.

Tonight I should be heading back into the city to home… tomorrow I'm back at work. Maybe I'll have caught up enough on sleep to not be zombie-rific? 😉

Random thought: I think I need to read more poetry and write more stuff. Preferably do my homework for poetry class also. We'll see.

I wonder how many CKIers check their email regularly when I need them to? *sighs*. I'll just have to deal with things once I get back to my place, eh?