Some quizzes for the fun 'o it!

After the excitement of yesterday's computer not working problem (not fun!) I thought I'd post some quizzes 🙂

Time Started: 2pm
Your Nickname(s) [if any]: Alicat, AliG, Alibanana
Are You Single or Taken?: Mmmmm…. seeing someone.
What Is Your Birthday: July 24
Have Any Siblings: yes.
Your Hair colour: Brown
Your Eye colour: Brown
Your Shoe size: something like 7.5 or 8.5 (usually half sizes) womens.
Your Height: 5'3.25
What are you wearing right now: A halter top, an ankle-length jean skirt, the watch I wear to work usually, a hair tie, black socks, and underwear.
Where do you live: Right here! 🙂
Have Any pets?: nope… unless you include the pet rock that I think I might still have somewheres.
Who are your closest friends?: There are several.
Do you have a bf or gf?: well… I am dating someone… and he's male.
Do you believe in love at first sight?: It's possible. At the very least attraction at first sight definitely is.
What do you notice about the opposite sex?: I notice a whole lot about them actually, from physique to personality and much in between.
Have you ever slept with a member of the opposite sex?: yes.
Who do you want to marry at the moment?: I don't terribly much want to marry at this particular moment… maybe at some other particular moment 😉

———-Your FAVORITE———-
Colour: red
Food: all sorts really… although I HATE cilantro…
Food dislikes: CILANTRO. There are others, but they're not severe or anything.
Animal: hmmm… elephants, turtles, butterflies
Drink: it varies. Fun and interesting beverages mostly.
Sport: to do: ballroom dance! to watch on TV: figure skating to watch live: hockey or many many other sports actually… but in general, I like sports… within reason.
Movie: So many great ones! How about all the fun movies I own?
Fruit: mmm… so many good ones!! (I like fruit). The tangerines and pineapple in Mexico were so great!
Singer or Band: The list is far too long for this.
Ice Cream: Marble slab. Gelato on the other hand is just plain amazing from Leva…
TV show: Meh… CSI, Gilmore Girls
Actor/Actress/celeb: Topher Grace maybe?
Cartoon character: I dunno… Disney's Sleeping Beauty was my fave Disney cartoon movie. But I like lots of cartoons.

Smoked: no.
Broken the law: Hasn't everyone? (Hello jay-walking!)
Gone skinny dipping: Nope.
Had someone ever made you cry: Many times.
Made some one cry: I probably have although I don't like to think that I have.
Played truth or dare: Yes… there are some akward memories there.
Fallen asleep in school: frequently. Although lately it hasn't been as big of a problem…
Ran away: not from home…
Ever had a sex dream: who hasn't?
Cried when someone died: Yep…. many many many tears.
Lied to somone you cared for: Yes… but not recently… or for a very long long time.
Cried in school: yes.
Fallen for your best friend?: once… a long time ago.
Kissed some one then regreted it [for some reason]: yes… also not recent.
Been rejected: yes, many many times.
Been in love: mmmm…. maybe….
Been cheated on: not to my knowledge.
Cheated on some one: No.

———- What… ———-
Makes you laugh the most: Lately, I've been giggling a lot… I blame Jeff 😉
Makes you smile: My golly… far too many things lately… life is good.
Makes you feel better no matter what?: mmmm… good question… good friends and great conversations?
Do you wear contacts or glasses: yeah… glasses on occasion.
Do you get along with your family: yes.
Have you done drugs?: nope… unless you count taking medicine when sick by perscription from the doctor who diagnosed the need.
Schools have you gone to?: RHS, SAL and UofA
Stolen anything: Not that I can think of.
———- Random Shit ———-
What are you listening to right now: Jefferson Airplane — High Flying Bird
What did you do today: I worked 6hrs.
What are you most scared of: being alone forever… or maybe there's that horrible reoccurring nightmare from my youth (which was improbable and unlikely, but I really don't wanna burn to death in a fire fully conscious of the fact that that's happening)
What are your favorite things: mmmm…. there are so many! Spending time with great friends and travelling are a couple I would imagine…. but there are really a lot.
What do you dream about: lots of random things and people.
Which do you like better- Night or Day: they're both good… but night edges day out by a smidgen.
What is it right now- night or day: day
Are you better at listening or giving advice: *shrugs* I dunno.
Phone or in person: In person!
Oldest, middle, youngest or only child: oldest.
The place you would move given the choice: Meh. I like it here for now.
Stupidest thing you have ever done: I've done many stupid things.
What's your room like: messy/disorderly… off white walls, mismatched furniture… cluttered…. etc.
Worst thing that has happened to you this year: I dunno really.

———- On The Opposite Sex, Do You Like ———-
Tall or short: Taller than me 🙂
Ear peirced or not: Meh.
Long or short hair: Depends on the guy.
Tan or fair: Whatever goes well on the person… I'm not a fan of skin cancer though.
Freckles: *shrugs* depends on the person
What do you notice first about the opposite sex: tends to be their overall appearance.
Shy or outgoing: Depends on the person really.
Indoor or outdoor: A bit of both.
Jewelery or none: However it works best for them really.
What do you like the most in a guy/girl: Caring, trust, respect, great conversation skills, cuddles… 😉
Time finished: 3PM

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1) What mental disorder does remind you of? too-intelligent-osis 😉
2) Is a college student? he was one once… now… I don't actually know.
3) Where was born? Edmonton?
4) What animal should be combined with? A liger! 😉
5) Is athletic? no not terribly, no.
6) Could you see and together? no not particularly.
7) Do you have a crush on ? nope.
8) What song/movie would you recommend to ? Romeo & Juliet (1968 version)
9) Are and going out? definitely not!
10) Thoughts on ? I haven't seen him for far far too long… what's up with him anyway?
11) How would kill ? with some sort of internet-bad-karma charm one gets from being online for long periods.
12) What animal does remind you of? a liger! I already said that!
13) Would you make out with ? nope.
14) Is an emo? naw…
15) Where would most like to visit? hmmm Switzaland perhaps? 😉
16) Which of your friends should go out with? well since he's already taken, and she's a nice person… n/a
17) What is 's biggest flaw? he's no longer posting to his lj often enough!
18) If and were siamese twins, where would they be joined? at the head!
19) Are and married? nopers.
20) What video game does remind you of? Commander Keen
21) If commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? lemmings! (so I've computer games on the brain perhaps?
22) What would you do if you found out has a crush on you? *sigh*
23) Is popular? yessir.
24) What do you agree with about? there are a lot of politics in the Kiwanis family.
25) One thing you can't stand about ? he's no longer posting to his lj! 😉
26) Does do drugs? nopers.
27) What languages does speak? english.
28) What flavor of jello would be? lime?
29) Does have a dog? no?
30) Which president would be likely to idolize? Pierre Elliot Trudeau? (not a prez, but hey it works?)