Christmas spoiled me! :)

So I expected to spoil my family for Christmas… and mom really did get spoiled, for which I'm very happy. She certainly deserves it. I think that my brothers truly enjoyed their gifts too.

But truly, I feel utterly spoiled! The desk that Logan and I put together yesterday afternoon before leaving for my parents' place was and is amazing… it'll take some time to get used to I assume, but it's nice and fits oh so perfectly! Not to mention the fact that my brother was awesome and hooked my computer back up excellently. And of course, it was way cool to be able to move my old computer table thingy to the side to put my toaster oven on. Maybe I'll actually use it now? *shrugs*

Anywho… this morning, I was truly spoiled! I got so many excellent gifts! I totally didn't expect to get this spoiled!! The Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire soundtrack is excellent!! I just listened to the amazing Viennese Waltz… such fun! It would be great to dance to it eventually. I also got the Damien Rice cd O.

My Gilmore Girls fix will be had with seasons 2 and 5 (I still need 3 and 4 to complete my collection… that is until the 6th season comes out! 😉 ) There's even a Gilmore Girls-isms booklet in Season 2 to read and understand a bunch 'o the things that they say and aren't necessarily common knowledge.

And then Johnny Depp movies *sighs*… how pleased I am to have What's Eating Gilbert Grape!! I've been wanting that one for years and years and now I own it! Edward Scissorhands is pretty cool too: the first Johnny Depp movie I ever saw!

And a brand new pillow for my bed…. it'll be so comfy!! 🙂

I'm incredibly incredibly pleased to say the least (although I was much more pleased with my family and friends' reactions to their gifts… but that was afterall the intention!). I think that the folks are incredibly pleased (although tired… given the adventures of the evening/morning).

I hope everyone's Christmas was/is as happy as my morning has been treating me! 🙂