We're Hiring — jobs are everywhere…

One thing I've noticed recently… is that there are simply way more jobs available these days than there are people wanting to fill them… many of these jobs are entry level, sure… but they do need to be filled. And this becomes problematic when working for a company that NEEDS job applicants. I mean… I've worked here for well over 4 years now, and love it: the benefits are great, I'm getting paid well for the work I do, and I have a lot of fun at certain points throughout my day. Sure, it's imperfect, but it's the ideal job during my school year: I can work as few or as many hours as I'd like, and this means I'm paying ALL my bills with this job including tuition.

Let me repeat that: all my bills INCLUDING tuition. This means that any scholarships or contest winnings I've gained over the past few months are entirely useable for luxury if I so desire. This also means that I'm considering options for travel and enjoyment.

But… why aren't people applying to work with me. We need more cashiers right now. The hours are there, the benefits are there, and the presence of great co-workers are there. The starting wage (although I can't remember it off hand) is rather nice for an entry level job. And certainly they do train us all nicely. Evenings and weekends are what we need people for, and frankly that should be perfect for a student whether high school, college, technical college, upgrading, or university. Where is the problem here exactly?

Essentially if you know anyone who needs a job… I'm pretty confident that we need workers.