meme and a quiz 'cause I've nothing really interesting to type (asides from the latest essay)


You have Tiger Eyes (like
my username, haha)!
Positive Traits:
Determined, Passionate, Loyal, Strong,
Negative Traits:
Aggressive, Ambitious, Domineering, Possessive,

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. What type of eyes do you have?
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I'm not necessarily so pleased with that result… but it does contain truth… and much of it.

Three names I go by:
1) Ali
2) Ali G (strangely enough)
3) Ali Kira (lately this list isn't as interesting as it has been in the past)

Three screen names I have had:(warning, they're all from sixth grade…)
1) MenollySwimKid
2) AliKira and ali_kira (and variations thereof)
3) EccentricExplorer

Three physical things I like about myself:
1) My shoulders
2) My hair
3) My nails

Three physical things I don't like about myself:
1) acne today
2) wierd tingly hand remnants of nerve injury thing from summer blood donation
3) tan lines on my feet

Three parts of my heritage:
1) Japanese (actually I probably should type Canadian here first… but I get the impression that that's not what's being asked)
2) Polish
3) Norwegian

Three things that scare me:
1) inadequacy
2) the idea of being alone forever
3) being extremely ill without help

Three of my everyday essentials:
1) clothing
2) a time piece of some sort
3) food (and water)

Three of my favorite musical artists:
1) Lamb
2) Goo Goo Dolls
3) The Beatles

Three of my favorite songs: (I'll just go with ones from the artists previously stated…)
1) Lamb — Bonfire
2) The Beatles — Across the Universe
3) The Presidents of the United States of America — Some Postman (many thanks to Pete for showing me that one!)

Three things I want in a relationship:
1) mutual affection and attraction
2) respect
3) common interests

Three LIES:
1) My hair is dry right now. (I'm stealing yours Mim!)
2) I'm not slightly concerned about my essay not accomplishing my goals
3) I have close-toed shoes that I really like.

1) My eyelid feels as if it's twitching again.
2) I'm starting to think that writing is actually what I want to do.
3) I'm actually rather loving school right now.

Three physical things about the opposite sex that appeal to me:
1) general appearance
2) intelligence
3) ability to have a good conversation with me.

Three of my favorite hobbies:
1) Getting out of the apartment and doing things with people
2) Volunteering
3) Contest entering

Three things I want to do really badly now:
1) Sleep more
2) Have a huge stretch of time to work on my essay in peace
3) Figure out why my eyelid is still twitching (best way I can think of to describe it)

Three careers I've considered:
1) Librarian
2) Writer
3) Editor (notice a common theme?)

Three places I want to go on vacation:
1) (I'm going to take this question and spin it around… I'm thinking of perhaps studying in) Quebec
2) France
3) Japan

Three things I want to do before I die:
1) Get really involved in the writing community (hopefully becoming published and/or reaching a good audience and having good quality work)
2) Travel the world
3) Have a family (i.e. meet someone I'd want to spend my life with for starters)

Three ways that I am stereotypically a boy:
1) I like working on hands on service projects (eg. building things, standing on ladders to paint, etc.)
2) Getting ready for the day should be as simple as possible
3) I'm not a huge fan of the stereotypically girly gifts: cut flowers, scads of chocolates, and scented candles

Three ways that I am stereotypically a girl:
1) I like wearing skirts and dresses (and to dress up in general)
2) I like shopping
3) A trip to the spa for pampering is priceless