Japanese Movies… Japanese Canadian novels… and of course poetry…

So… I ended off a week (well, the school part of it anyhow) watching some deliciously halarious films at the Metro for free. As per the usual, I wish that I could be in two places at once in order to see more… but given that that's not possible, that'll likely be my Japanese movie fix for the time being. As for my thoughts on the movies: Dora-Heita was funny, and a good movie, although I'm not a huge fan of Samurai movies in general. The gender roles and power roles were especially interesting… I liked how things were turned on their head sometimes… although at others, I was not very pleased. On the other hand, Waterboys was an excellent film, it had me floating on air walking home afterwards with the colourful images and song forming a great mosaic in my mind. I highly recommend people seeing it: based on a true story, this comedy follows the adventures of five boys from an all-boys school who take up synchronized swimming.

After I got home, my energy levels crashed. Why? Mostly because I've been essentially spending all my extra time working on this essay about The Electrical Field, and One Hundred Million Hearts, both by Kerri Sakamoto. It's difficult working on something you care so very much about especially when you really want to do well, and know that what you've done is okay, but not okay enough. The struggle was amusing and quite refreshing actually.

Then poetry… I'm back to writing poetry relatively regularly… which is certainly a good thing. I like the style that I've started working with, and I like the experimentation in the things I'm writing. I'm actually getting the courage to at least submit my stuff to some local student oriented publications… so who knows… it feels good to write.