Perks? And books! :)

So school is trundling along excellently as per the usual this month (oddly enough!). This morning I finally started ordering some textbooks online (and proceeded to decide from where to purchase which texts and which texts I should best get online etc.). I'm saving well over $20 by price comparisons, my total cost for texts this term will be less than $200. Not bad eh?

This means of course that I was especially happy for the $5 off coupon from (given from Telus of all donors!) that I got from Shinerama participation.

Oh, and did I mention that I've been winning things again? no? Well… I've procured a couple prizes from the Welcome to U draw (third time I've won something from that… really remarkable).

I think I'm liking these relaxing mornings… doing internet stuff, homework and reading plus listening to CKUA tunes. Now if only would update their player to work on Windows 98 I'd be happier: more music options afterall! 🙂