Eye! Classes + LEVA! ;)

My eye hurts. Or rather, to be more accurate, I think it's my eyelid that hurts. Nothing I can't ignore, but it's still kind of annoying. This started yesterday morning I would suppose. I wonder why. Nothing's visibly different.

As I've said before, I'm really truly enjoying my classes (this still seems like such a novel concept and surprises me at every turn). This really hit me when I kept wanting each class (even my 3 hr classes!) to last longer this week! I mean, wow!

Along the same vein, I went out to Leva today for the first time since the summer. This time however, it was spur of the moment, with my prof and her roommate. I had pistachio and caramel gelato and some amazing green tea (I get the impression that I'll love Leva more and more with each coming time I go there). We had great discussions and I enjoyed myself. Kind of odd, but I'm loving school more than ever… and I'm in my 6th year!! One of my classmates said that I'm primed for grad school (I don't think so… but it's a possibility… I'm not discounting it entirely… just not thinking it's going to be the case at this point). Also, at the KI meeting on monday I totally reinvigorated my love of Libraries. I totally gotta read more this semester also.

I was thinking maybe I'd pick up Kerri Sakamoto's new book… perhaps it would be a good volume to use for a paper.

I think I'm finally settling into a love of school. Odd, I know. I mean I've been here for 5 years already… and it's only now that I'm truly enjoying it to pieces? *shrugs*