Why isn't Webmail working? And btw there's a vacancy in my apt bldg.

So I'm frustrated that my UofA webmail isn't working at the moment. Since this is my main email account, this is more than just a bit frustrating (mind you it wasn't working terribly well yesterday, but at least I could check my messages).

Anywho… I was under the impression that a few of you were looking for places to live in Edmonton. There seems (according to the sign on the outside of the building) to be a vacancy in the building for a one-bedroom place. It's a good place to live imho.

Well… I'm still working good hours at work (which is nice)… and have figured out the scheduling mistakes that were made (thank goodness). I'm totally looking forward to today's class! Now that the classes have all been arranged to my liking I'm enrolled in one 400-level comp lit class, one 300-level one and one 300-level WRITE class (poetry), all of which should prove challenging enough but fabulous enough for my happiness.