Questions answered… music style! (from Mim)

Put your music player on random and see how it answers! Customize questions to yourself as you feel fit.

What do you think of me, Random Music Player?
1.John Williams — Diagon Alley/The Gringotts Vault (hmmm… ecclectic enough perhaps… but am I really that rich and bizarre?)

Will I have a happy life?
2. the pillows — Patricia (hmmm… interesting answer… it's indeed upbeat enough… but hmmmmm!)

What do my friends really think of me?
3. John Williams — Christmas at Hogwarts (this must also be a good thing… right? Afterall, I do like Christmas!)

Do people secretly lust after me?
4. Third Eye Blind — Motorcycle Drive By (hmmm… that would be a yes, eh?)

How can I make myself happy?
5. Captain Tractor — Up the Hill (uh yeah… so that drinking thing… right… 😉 But the song sorta does work… given the upbeat music-y nature… and activity it posesses 😉 )

What should I do with my life?
6. Philip Glass — Morning Passages (hmmm… a long journey of ups and downs, highs and lows… music and wonder… that does sound about right, now doesn't it?)

Why must life be so full of pain?
7. Air — Kelly watch the stars (oh… right… such an enigmatic answer now!)

How can I catch a leprechaun?
8. Norah Jones — Don't Know Why (through love? I dunno.)

Will I ever have children?
9. Disney — Belle (well… Belle's life ended out happily, but this doesn't really answer our question, now does it?)

Will I die happy?
10. Bhangra Knights vs. Husan — Husan (huh…)

Can you give me some advice?
11. John Williams — Hogwarts Forever! And the Moving Staircase (My music player is playing a bit much-ish of Harry Potter soundtrack songs, eh?)

What do you think happiness is?
12. Peaches — Fuck the Pain Away (uh… somehow I'm going to say that probably doesn't work quite so well as the other answers the music player has given… *smiles*)

Do you have any advice to give over the next few hours/days?
13. Eric Clapton — Change the World (hmmm… that's actually some good advice)

A song for me.
14. The Presidents of the United States of America — Some Postman (gosh I ADORE that song! I'm such a mail person!!)

A song for Mim. (substitute appropriate names — BEFORE asking the player for the songs!)
15. Matt Nathanson — Sad Songs (hmmm… actually this works rather well, Mim! Give it a listen)

A song for Pete.
16. Morning Song Coda (afterall… you did say you were becoming a Morning person 😉 and no, I don't remember where it comes from or who does it *sighs*)

A song for Josh.
17. Dakona — Good (*smiles*)

A Song for Anastasia.
18. John Williams — The Norwegian Ridgeback/A Change of Season (my! Harry Potter music everywhere! 🙂 )

A song for everyone else.
19. Michael Tolcher — Mission Responsible (such a fun song!)

What will tomorrow be like?
20. Air — La Femme D'argent (how interesting and intriguing the future is!)

What will next year be like?
21. Joss Whedon & Christopher Beck — Sweet's Song (hmmm… interesting)

Thanks Mim! I muchly enjoyed this little game! 🙂