Rather entertaining LJ Quiz (from mim)

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1) Would go out with ? unlikely… as they're far far apart, and realistically wouldn't be (if I know them well enough) romantically interested in each other.
2) Would be a better ninja or pirate? hmmm… ninja. Why not?
3) What animal does remind you of? a leopard
4) What mental disorder does remind you of? hmmm… is there a mental disorder of being too intelligent? 😉
5) Could you see and together? not in that way, no.
6) When did you last call ? far too long ago.
7) What is 's shoe size? Now how would I know that?
8) Is single? nope.
9) What is 's favorite movie? *shrugs* probably something intelligent.
10) What would do differently in your shoes? a lot… she's much more exuberant and outgoing.
11) 's eye color? is it blue?
12) Is a nerd? sure!
13) How would kill ? she wouldn't.
14) Does have a crush on ? uh… well they did date (past tense).
15) Are and married? NOPE. They don't even know each other.
16) One thing you can't stand about ? He's too far away!
17) What do you disagree with about? hmmm… likely a bunch… but I haven't seen him in a LONG time.
18) If and were spliced together, what would be its name? Oh my! that would be an odd one! Sirevillot (cop out answer, I know)
19) How long have you known ? since fall of 1997
20) Would you ever date ? nope.
21) How many monkeys could fight at once and win against? how about 2.
22) Where was born? Alberta? Edmonton-area?
23) What animal should be combined with? cheetah (to run like the wind!)
24) What would you do if you found out has a crush on you? I'd smile. That wouldn't be necessarily a bad thing, although a surprising one.
25) Is related to ? nope. They don't even know each other.
26) What color should dye their hair? I like her hair the colour it is… although she'd look great in pink hair (personality wise… not colour palette wise)
27) What planet should be from? Mars
28) Does have a dog? nope.
29) If had a superpower, what would it be? she'd be able to fly.
30) What do you agree with about? that this apt is a great place to live 😉