CFL fun times… from service to game time and fun!

So yesterday I did some lovely service for the food bank… Ashley and I went to Commonwealth and collected donations for the food bank before (and during) the Edmonton Eskimos Football game in exchange for nifty vouchers for free pics with the Grey Cup (note we each got free pics with the Grey Cup also… good stuff that!). Apparently we (and others) raised $17000+ dollars plus a ton of actual food donations for the food bank, so it was certainly worthwhile. We tag teamed it a bit, working together to get the donations (and it was super nice to run into friends and Kiwanians too…) and talked a bit of CKI.

Then we got to see the rest of the game for free. Nice perk of volunteering… not that I wouldn't have done it anyway. *shrugs* We saw everything from the end of the first quarter onwards. I must have gotten a dozen of compliments on my signed Eskimos bandana (mind you the player who signed it [and who is still a super amazing player] now plays for the other team… *shrugs*). The Eskimos even won the game by 10 points this time around (it would have been more if it hadn't been for the flag on the field during the last play, giving the Montreal Alouettes the chance to make up some of the difference with a touchdown and a convert).

I was amused by the French themed halftime show… very short certainly, but fun. More humourous when I noted that the song mentioned Alouette (usually a bird from the common French song by that moniker), and the fact that we were playing the Alouettes. I really do enjoy French Canadian music.

I was also incredibly glad not to have to sit in College corner (usually where college students end up sitting given the incredibly affordable price). We were able to take seats in any upper level spot that didn't have someone already seated. So we were close enough to the center of the stands not to be in the area where police officers were taking down and taking away fighting and drunk college students on a regular basis. It was rather much more entertaining to watch from afar. On the downside, a child went missing in our section. I hope he was found.

All in all, it was a good night, and I was happy to be able to spend the time with Ashley and see some great football.