Soccerballs, A Giant Slide, Twisted Sister, Caramel Apples, non-existant alarms, Masters, Medals….

So the last few days have been an adventure and a half… and really the adventures of this summer have only just begun. Let's go though the adventures chronologically, now, shall we? 😉

Thursday, I played soccer for the first time in about a month. Now, you have to realize that I'm not a terribly amazing soccer player. So when we got to be playing without subs for the girls, and me who (silly me!) likes to play midfield more than anything else (I can at least be in the right place at the right time!) and has such annoying little 'undiagnosable breathing problems as I like to call them' which really don't bother me that much but cause a lot of other people to worry…. well… I felt quite a bit more out of shape than usual. THEN what do I do but walk down Whyte for Marble Slab (so I had saved enough stamps for a free one!) and then walk home. That's a LOT of walking following playing soccer. So I woke up Friday sore as can be.

Friday began with massive doses of CKI stuff. Sure… I'd caught some TV Thursday night (last half of CSI, and another Gilmore Girls first season episode… have I mentioned how much I love that gift??), but Friday was for getting stuff done. And I guess, for the most part I did, before jetting off to campus to pay my confirmation fee, and heading to Northlands for all the Kiwanis Giant Slide enjoyment! And gosh do I ever enjoy volunteering at the Kiwanis Giant Slide! I was all psyched for my 4 hr shift even! And then 4 hrs went by… and I was still swiping cards, scanning wristbands and taking tickets… 5 o'clock rolled around… as did 6 before I finally left to explore the free-ish stuff available on the grounds… which I did (I even got 4 liters of pop!)… and indulge in some beef dip to go with my pizza slice. (why not?)

Anywho… I met up with a friend at some sorry excuse for a dog trick thing (well… uh… it was meant for kids if that means anything) and got some decent seats for Twisted Sister. Yep. Stop being so darn surprised, already! I actually went to Twisted Sister. And LOVED it. It was some great Rockin' good times. Not to mention the fact that due to my wonderous talent for seeking out free stuff we were at the head of the line for the autograph signing with the band… and I've got some nifty signatures as a result. Not only that, but did I mention that I had a Rockin' good time? WOW.

Well… after having an amazing caramel apple and some yummy lemonade (with a whole yummy lemon)… I headed home to my bed. Set my alarm. And slept… until my alarm didn't go off this morning. Since I was supposed to be volunteering for the World Masters (or so I thought) at 9am, I panicked and looked for a number to call to let them know I was late. Not finding one ('cause they gave me next to nothin' by way of info that I might have appreciated but for the bare necessities of which this apparently was not), I booted it to campus arriving apparently just in time (10:30am-ish) for my role to start… since the person who gave me my shift apparently thought there was a 9am game (which there wasn't… there was an 11am game at earliest). Suffice to say… I was darn lucky… and simultaneously frustrated. But I wasn't the only one, and I had a darn good time with the other volunteers and helping to hand out the excellent medals with the help of one awesome paraolympic athlete. Did I mention that it was an excellent time? Or that the basketball games were really really nifty to watch? No? Well now, I guess I have!

Anywho… that's a brief (mega brief) nicely positive vocab laden description of my past few days.
Tomorrow I volunteer 10 hrs at the Heritage Festival… and then hypothetically instantaneously arrive at Telus Field for the Worlds Masters closing ceremony. It'll be an adventure most likely.