Ice Cream-y goodness…. oh and I'm apparently getting older (still!)

After its long absence, we are FINALLY getting good ice cream within a five block radius of my apartment again! I just noticed that the Marble Slab Creamery is coming to the vacant storefront formerly occupied by A Buck or Two. I totally missed Baskin Robbins being across the street… and now yummy Marble Slab goodness is coming downtown! YAY! Yay for ice cream! Yay for raspberry mixin's!

So… apparently my roommate noticed that I've been acting all like I've realized that I've gotten older or something. Yep. That's right… I've been in this really odd reflective mood as of late. It's rather the most interesting mood… I mean… yeah, I know I'm not in grade school anymore, and I'm not quite retired either, but well… it's kind of odd, you know… realizing how much time HAS passed since graduation (from BOTH high school and university actually).

Maybe part of it is that I'm actually cleaning my room again. *shrugs*