Heritage and culture…

So… as many of you might already know (and others wouldn't), I volunteered 10 hrs today at the Heritage Festival… which inevitably was a blast. I really loved the challenge of ticket sales (I gotta do that again), the fun of making picture frames with the kids (honestly… it was entertaining to watch the kids and their parents put together those glue messes that turned into great works of window art), face painting (I'm rather proud of the plumeria flower I did for one girl who HAD to have something Hawaiian… and the dolphin I did for another… not to mention the Ninga Turtles, snake, and dragon!), and well generally all the fun of the Festival in general (although I didn't partake in the food… it was still a real treat).

Then hopping a couple busses, I caught the end of the closing ceremonies for the World Masters Games… which was well… somewhat disorganized on the volunteer end (as per every other dealing I've had with them), but nothing less than spectacular in general… mind you, I'm still not a huge fan of fireworks in broad daylight. Anywho… I had a blast hangin' with the Aussies and others dancing up a storm to the tunes of Rule of Nines (a band… they were okay… but I loved the covers they did best! Such fun!!). Hard to believe I was among the youngest there… I mean honestly, the party was rockin'! 🙂 Made me almost want to consider taking up a sport and making it to Australia for 2009 (mind you I'd only really be old enough to partake in a couple of the sports at that point… but still!). Again, a real treat overall.

Now… perhaps I'll get some sleep before doing whatever I end up doing tomorrow. I'm debating spending scads of time on CKI stuff, cleaning, really catching Heritage Days (although I'm not sure if I really do need more sun), and/or grocery shopping before work tomorrow. I don't work until 5:30pm so I think I'll probably fit in a number of those things in moderation. We'll see. 🙂