Batman Begins

So I understand what all the hype was about. Not discounting the rumors that the entire Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes thing being partially created to help publicize Katie Holmes' new flick, Batman Begins can stand on its own two feet quite nicely.

I'm not about to include spoilers in my LJ posts. That's simply not something I do. However, this film is dark. Very dark compared to past Batman renditions. To a certain extent, it reminds me more of martial arts films or even James Bond (one of the newest ones… maybe even the newest one, I can't remember) movies. Everything is so structurally sound, in that it all works back into the plot somehow, for the best really. Foreshadowing was well placed, of course with some unexpected twists and turns… yet this is the type of traditional superhero movie I expected at the very same time.

And face it, I was undoubtedly impressed. VERY impressed.
See it if you get the chance.