Robes & Relics: my favorite consignment store in Edmonton

This morning I journeyed to Whyte Ave once more, specifically this time to visit my favorite consignment store in Edmonton: Robes & Relics. Every single time I go there, provided I actually spend a few moments browsing, I will purchase something. Why? Because there's just so many great items for sale there! I love the ecclectic mix of women's clothing, jewlery, accessories and shoes. In fact, over the past year I've purchased skirts, tops, shoes, and earrings. Today it was four tops and three pairs of earrings.

Note that this is one of the bestest places to find SCREW ON earrings in Edmonton to my knowledge. These are simply too rare sometimes, given that I do not have pierced ears (and don't want 'em) and find clip on earrings rather painful oftentimes. Screw on earrings are such an amazingly awesome thing… especially given that the ones that I now own (four pairs) are so incredibly awesome!

I also ventured into the realm of consigning items myself today, which was the intent behind the visit. There are 6 wonderous items (that I either find don't fit me quite right, or are not my colours or style for the most part) that I've handed over for the potential sale at the store. I really hope that they do sell.

The rest of my morning included a visit to Goodwill (and donation of a few odd items that wouldn't sell at Robes & Relics and aren't just out of season [I so need to go back in the fall and hand over some more great items!]), a dynamite cone and sweet tofu sushi from Tokyo Express, a (free! I finally finished a Dream Tea House card!) red bean bubble milk tea, a visit with Jackie and another free item from McDonalds (gosh I've a lot of free stuff from McDonalds coupons from boxes of cereal!).

The afternoon included a bunch of phone tag (*groan*) and 8 hours of work. Gosh that was tiring for some odd reason.