Follow the Yellow Brick Road…!

Now I couldn't help but notice that the Yellow Brick Road is incredibly adorable… whilst watching the amazing performance at the Mayfield Dinner Theatre with Curtis last night. Boy was that show just excellent! I even woke up with The Jitterbug in my head this morning… quite a feat, it being the one song that MGM cut from the movie version of the Wizard of Oz (and subsequently destroyed the footage of entirely). I can totally see why my parents and brother recommended it. WOW.

The crows, the trees, the munchkins… everything was so fabulously well done last night, from the humour to the songs to the little touches that made it even grander to the eye. O'hanna, the dog who played Toto was also a really great star… watching the dog trot out of the Mayfield was just adorable afterward (and I am NOT one to gush over cute doggies).

The Winkys, the flying monkeys, and even the jitterbugs made the performance so delectable that it's hard to believe it. Quick costume changes, spirited lines… what more could I ask for? 🙂

The food was also delicious. Quite surprised was I at the excellent-ness of the fare provided. I thoroughly enjoyed it all (and likely ate more than my full… but it was so yummy!).

Great times! 🙂