Shopping & Mad Hot Ballroom

It seems that I go on shopping excursions quite frequently as of late… but honestly, it's been a lot of work to hunt down things that I've been looking for. Today, Shelly was my good luck charm… and succeeded in helping me find: some stickers, a glue stick, a skirt, a skort, a pair of shoes and four tops. I also purchased more socks (which will result in an increased ability to do laundry less frequently… less holes in my socks!).

I also saw Mad Hot Ballroom at the Garneau tonight with Curtis. This was quite a wonderful movie… I found it quite interesting when the crowd laughed, especially given the particular occasions chosen and the fact that I've sometimes seen similar situations (although not in children) with the people I've had the pleasure to dance with.

In other news: I'm trying to figure out why I haven't been getting ANY emails from certain friends of mine concerning social activities. I know that I've been busy… but I still do like to find out about these types of things. I miss a lot of my friends from ballroom and other occasions (although, not the same friends as I could have honestly said I missed even a week or two previous, given that I've seen some of them much more frequently).

I have my flight schedule for August now, so that's all set. I'm quite happy with how things have ended up anyhow.

Hmmm… and I *do* have a big and early day tomorrow (work at 7am!!) so I ought to get some shut-eye (not to mention perhaps adding a nap to my afternoon tomorrow also?).