I ought to be sleeping… but!

I totally ought to be sleeping. But I'm not. So I thought I'd take a touch of time to write in my LJ. Write. Write.. Write…

It was a dark and stormy night…

Okay so beginings such as Snoopy would write aren't my cup o' tea tonight… and I ought to get to the point and write something of worth. Now, given my sleep deprived state… and knowledge that I ought to wake up around 6AM so that I can be at work for 7AM… (YAY FOR READING WEEK!! YAY FOR TIME OFF OF SCHOOL to catch up on homework, get CKI work done and so on and so forth… not to mention social time etc.) I'm not likely to do that.

So tonight I volunteered at the Food Bank. It having been a long time since I last did this (note: they actually MOVED LOCATIONS since I last volunteered with them), I truly enjoyed myself. Perhaps I take a rather untraditional approach to my food sorting, but I think we all had an incredibly good time. We went to BPs afterward (where else?) and unfortunately Sheena was not feeling so well, although we also had a pretty decent time.

Side note: EVERYONE is sick these days. Not only my peers, but my co-workers, my friends, my roommate, myself etc.

So that was a good time. Tomorrow I'll show up at the after school program we run (I haven't done so for AGES) so that will hopefully be good also. Perhaps I'll cough even less (darn it! I should be sleeping!!).

Other good news: My midterm went well! So easy was it that I was incredibly surprised, especially given that it was a 300-level course. It felt like I was back in high school… or perhaps junior high, it was THAT simplistic! Secondly, after a month of work tracking down some CKI stuff, that job is successfully completed and DCON will have some interesting happenings as a result! 🙂 Thirdly, I saw a whole host of incredibly AWESOME people today! Fourthly hopefully I'll actually get to see West Side Story! Fifthly, my apartment is likely going to get much cleaner soon! So much utter AWESOMENESS!! 🙂

In any case… I have work in the morning so I really ought to call it quits for the night.