Sick with a cold, with a mess and with a happiness! :)

So here I sit, typing at my computer, with a cold (hoping to survive my shift at work later today). Yet, while my body seems to still desire to rebel against me, by not fighting this off nearly so well as I would hope, I am relatively happy.

Sure I'm surrounded by mess and disorder both in physical location and in the lack of homework getting itself done so quickly as I would imagine, but I'm not late on any deadlines.

Perhaps there's a zillion things to do with my time and yet I'm only just typing a small update to you, my friends. Yet, I'm enjoying myself.

Why? I'm surrounded by friends, happy wishes, family, CKIers, co-workers, aquaintances, material wealth, the knowledge that things are improving, and generally the bounteous greatness that is life in Canada at this juncture (and particularly Edmonton in the sun and warmth).

Sure it's an imperfect masterpiece. I wouldn't have it any other way. I love life. I love the challenges that it poses. I enjoy the breaths of fresh air, the enjoyable moments, and the chances to enjoy the time I have. Yes, I am stressed. But it's eustress, not distress. And nothing's not insurmountable. In fact, I think progress is being made. In what direction, who knows?

But the sun continues to shine.

BTW… does anyone want to go to West Side Story before it leaves the Citadel on the 26th? I REALLY wanna see it… and am free on Tuesday the 15th, Tuesday the 22nd and Thursday the 24th currently in order to see it. I don't wanna go alone…. and Tuesday-Thursday are the cheaper nights.