The Sun shines on Ali! :)

So for some odd reason either
a) The bad things are procrastinating their arrival
b) I'm ignoring the fact that such horrible things will happen
c) Things are going incredibly well temporarily
d) none of the above.

I'm going to think kindly of myself… and choose c. At least for the time being, anyway.

Asides from the fact that I am getting a rather little bit of sleep lately, and have not been doing enough homework just yet (although reading week only just started, I had hoped that I'd do a LOT of catching up), great things just keep falling into my lap: For example, I've been running into super awesome people lately! I got good tix for West Side Story for Thurs! I got an awesome donation for DCON from my work! I've been getting answers to my most crucial emails! I've been having a good happy social life! etc. etc.

And our afterschool program went super well today! The girls were super well behaved: we even played the hulahoop game (that's what I call that group activity… courtesy of Wisconsin Leaderscape…) They LOVED it… which made me oh so pleased!! Even my sore feet didn't ruin my day (and I've been getting super lots of stellar physical activity into my day)!

Now… back to earth with me. Or not? Afterall, I no longer feel sickish (still got a bit of a slight sore throat on occasion but much less coughing etc.).