Procrastination… the bane of… well… getting things done… sometimes! :)

Things I gotta get done: Finish two essays (one is just a revision though), pack for Indianapolis, call the Airport shuttle to ensure that I'll be able to get to my flight (and remember to ask them for a receipt when I pay too!), do one presentation, finish reading Dante's Divine Comedy (selections from it) for class, perhaps get some mending done?, write and mail more Christmas cards, get American money from the bank, send some updates for CKI, and finally write out my notes on the board book (they're currently just in my head).

You know what? I adore Christmas. I always have.
I absolutely love putting together gifts for people… sure it's difficult often (and I certainly wish that people [eg. my brothers] would let me know more often what they actually wanted), but it's such fun to put together things for others! Cards for example are such fun to write… sure my style is pretty pathetic by my own standards, but 'tis life I guess.

It feels weird however to look out and see the lawn outside, still green. It is almost December, and yet where IS the snow? At least Christmas carols are playing at work already… and I know that my Santa hat will come out of storage as of Dec 1st. I love my Christmas CDs and tapes… the more Christmas music, the better! 🙂 Makes one feel so good inside…

And it's absolutely fabulous to be able to get donations for the Children's Miracle Network whilst working. Apparently I'm doing a rather good job at getting loads of these donations. It's just excellent! And supports my hypotheses that younger people (without families) people with families, and people who don't necessarily look like they can afford to donate are the ones who donate most frequently. I'm seriously considering making a good sized personal contribution to the Tomorrow Fund at this point also…

Yeah… I'd better quit procrastinating like a madwoman… and get some work done… like putting together my portfolio for class. Oups! 🙂