*smiles* Ali updates…

It's been a busy week. Lots of procrastination (unfortunately). However, it's also been a ton of fun. Especially the return to doing service. And the non-fiction reading, the festival of trees, and the High School Leadership conference. Not to mention of course the great fun of poetry writing, reading for class and, well, ummmm… getting up extraordinarily early.

Yeah. I'm heading off to Indianapolis again next weekend. It'll be fun. But a lot of work (and I still have to prepare, and hear back from the districts I'm liaison to on any feedback they have to provide for the board meeting. Buying another phone card should also be on my agenda, given that I'm certainly low on minutes. Right, and I'm slowly making inroads on Christmas cards too. I hope that I have somewhat accurate contact information for the majority of people…

I'm not terribly in the mood to type much tonight.

Oh and I really like this:

community service is love
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