Christmas list… since I wanted to do it anyway… :)

I've been spending about a month trying to determine what I wanted for Christmas… why? 'cause people like my parents, and friends, and siblings and whatnot tend to want to know. Then my friends start doing this nifty Please do, following the rules. Make a list of things you genuinely want and post it, and if you see a friend wanting something that you can and want to give them, do so, with absolutely no strings attached. thing. And I think… why not? So here goes. Some of this I want a lot more than others.
And so I'll list those first. Well… I think I'll also let my parents and whatnot know about this list… so yeah. In no particular order:

1. a UofA Pedometer (or step counter) I REALLY want one of these!!

2. That '70s Show Season 1 DVDs (no burned copies thank you very much… I want the original!) found at:

3. Trivial Pursuit (various versions!)

4. The Time-Turner which can be found at:

5. Hermione Granger's Wand which can be found at:

6. a working three-hole punch

7. a small (personal) paper shredder

8. I'd love to own Nice Girls Don't Explode on VHS (I highly doubt that it's available on DVD)

9. I wanna see the part 2 of Angels In America. In fact, owning the whole thing would be great too!

10. a little photo printer with EasyShare Docking capability would be pretty cool (really pricey and unrealistic though)

11. better would be a 512 MB SD memory card for my Digital camera (or a 256MB one)

12. Money to donate to the Tomorrow Fund would rock! 🙂

13. More MAC cosmetics would be good too… I need more eyeshadow colours I think (that suit me anyhow).

14. Amore skin sense facial scrub bar [I think it's pumpkin… and it's for normal skin] (mine's almost gone) and new brush for it (mine's getting worn out)

15. Romeo and Juliet on DVD (or if not available, VHS). It's like one of my absolute fave movies of all time.

16. But more importantly… spend time with me!

17. Take me shopping for clothes and/or shoes that work/look good on me.

18. I love good food 🙂 especially with good company!

19. A new laundry basket

20. Help me take my bottles and cans to the bottle depot so I can donate the proceeds to the Tomorrow Fund of CKI

21. Help CKI acheive it's organizational goals of 13,500 members, 625,000 service hours, and $160,000 total donated to the Tomorrow Fund

22. Come out to the CKI gift wrap at the Bay Kingsway, Southgate or City Centre between the 18-24th of Dec, get some gifts wrapped and donate!

I'm 22 years old… so 22 things seems about right. As you may surmise, it took me all month to come up with this silly list for a reason: I honestly couldn't think of anything that I really wanted, asides from spending time with great people… and like a few material things. And usually Christmas lists are filled with material things… so I thought I'd try to scrounge up some of those (it makes things easier, I would imagine… I mean, 'World Peace' doesn't fit in a Christmas stocking!)

Crazy aren't I?