My Birthday's in just over a week…etc.

So, since my birthday (22nd) is in just over a week (July 24th), I thought I'd post a little something about it. But first, I'd like to announce that I no longer have to contend with an extreme lack of good easy to tote around photo ID. Yes, my new learners license came in the mail today, and gosh darn it, Ali is pleased. Sure, Brendan's first comment was that he didn't much like the picture (but really whoever does?) but I think it rather looks like me, and that's what it's for, right? None of this rediculous carrying a piece of paper around to use for proof that technically i I could drive a motor vehicle… as long as I have someone in the passenger seat who can drive. Now, most of you know of my intense dislike for driving (aka. Ali's passion for hating driving), but having a learner's license is rather good for my purposes: I can technically drive if worst comes to worst (which I rather hope doesn't happen since I haven't done so since 2000 or 2001 at the latest), I can practice driving if it comes to the point where I actually need to get myself licensed with a nifty probationary license-y thing such that 2 years later I could get the real thing without restrictions, and of course the main reason is so that I have decent ID that says that yes, I am me, and that I'm over the appropriate age to be in certain locals… yeah. That's incredibly important for some odd reason. (CAN'T wait until the smoking bylaw goes through next year!! *sighs*)

Anywho… back to birthday mumblings…
I thought I'd make up a nifty list of things that I would want or appreciate or something at some point… 'cause I don't really want or need all that much… but came up with the said idea last night and thought, hey, why not?

In no particular order:
– A high quality digital camera with decent zoom and adequate memory (I think my parents will be getting me one)
– Pictures from ICON (preferably hard copies, but any will do) since I don't have any of my own *sobs*
– Time to spend with each of my treasured friends in one on one settings (now if only I could actually arrange that on a regular basis! 😉 )
– I'm very interested in a wax seal like the one Anastasia has for letters. I would love one with a butterfly on it, or a turtle, or an elephant… as those are the three things that I seem to identify with best… and best represents me as a person (and that I like to use as such)… but whatever… It's just me being rather envious of/intrigued by Anastasia again 😉
– SPA stuff is always good. I rather like massages… and whatnot. Pampering is always nice.
– Ability to shop at nice stores for clothes where money is no object (like that would ever happen? Money is far too big of a part of the equation!)… mostly for clothes, not that I technically really need much as for clothes… but whatever.
– I'm still looking for excellent dress sandals and shoes that are practical, comfy and look nice for a decent price. Like that will ever happen. 😉
– I would love one of those crazy high quality (aka. expensive) nail buffing set thingys that they tend to sell at little booths or at K-Days International Marketplace to make my nails all shiny and stuff without nail polish… they tried to sell me one again in St. Louis… and I was awfully tempted. The kind that they have at dollar stores etc. just aren't good enough quality for anything good.
– Money so I don't have to dive too far into savings for tuition and misc. expenses.

So as you can tell, I don't really NEED much… but would rather want a bunch of little things.

Also… I'll be at K-days on the 27th volunteering at the Kiwanis Big Yellow Slide. So if anyone wants to drop by between noon and 4 PM…. I should be there. And of course… I'll likely wander the Exhibition for quite some time afterwards… hopefully with some company if anyone's interested. I'm also thinking 'bout catching a bit of Taste of Edmonton this summer too… although I'm afraid my pocket book can't quite handle spending the oodles of cash on food that I have in previous years.

Anywho… I'll be in wonderful Saskatchewan this weekend… so that'll be interesting. Totally looking forward to it! 🙂