Luxurious weekend… and a short comment about board games

Okay the small comment first:
My favorite board game EVER is Trivial Pursuit. I think it's incredibly disappointing to know that I STILL don't own this game, or personally know anyone else my age who owns it and will play it with me. Just 'cause I love it DOESN'T mean I'm any good. 🙂

In other news…
The weekend as a REAL treat. The drive to Saskatchewan was kind of nice. But what really rocked was SandCastle Ranch. If you ever want a great place to go on a couples retreat… I'm going to recommend it. I mean WOW!!! The family that owns that place is so AMAZING! We had so much fun helping them fix it up for guests and whatnot (and partaking in their great cooking, hospitality and whatnot too!). I even got to do one of my FAVORITE things: go up on a ladder!! (I have this odd love for service projects involving me getting up on ladders to do things. This time I was painting the vent thingy in the ceiling with all those ridges and everything) I think I may have even worked on developing some muscles too: carrying all those logs and tree parts was so exhausting. Especially in the insanely hot sun. But the dip in the pool afterward was SO rewarding!! And the hot tub rocked for midnight stargazing, distant lightning watching, conversations until 2AMish, and a good soak. All the putty-tats (MANY kittens… some only 5 days old, needing to be fed by us humans) were so cute. And Samson the dog was a cutie (he was the biggest, cuddliest, sweetest dog I've seen in the longest time! Wow! The horses were fun to feed, and my pancake flipping skills weren't too terribly horrible (well I guess I was helping to feed the host family too, but no one was complaining). The deer were SO cute! Not to mention the AWESOME stargazing turret (great place to do our District Project). It was just such an excellent fun time! I'm so happy to have gone… while I cooked (we all did… it was HOT!), and was a little eaten by the bugs, I had a royally great time. So many thanks to SandCastle Ranch!! They totally deserve it! And if I EVER get a chance to have such a great romantic get away (not that that's going to happen anytime soon 😉 )… this place deserves to be on the list!