And Google tells me Ali is…

So I'm posting memes it seems.

This one is simple… type in your name is (eg. Ali is) in quotes on Google and see what it says about your name. I've seen this before… just haven't done it until now. Here's what is says Ali is…

Ali is… a progenitor and leading exponent of multidirectional rhythms/polytonal percussion.
Ali is… Licensed Intel Pentium M Bus New Mobile Chipsets from ALi to Come?
Ali is… Isha Koppikar's 'Humrahi'
Ali is… looking forward to his new arms
Ali is… a Sexy Girl Next Door
Ali is… on the attack!
Ali is… an apologist for terrorism
Ali is… still alive and in the public eye
Ali is… every bit as dazzling as we've come to expect from its director
Ali is… Back Home
Ali is… a bruiser, unwieldy in length and ambition
Ali is… arguably the most electrifying and world-renowned athlete in history
Ali is… (2003) ICU readmission after cardiac surgery
Ali is… one of the most remarkable personalities of our time and the greatest sportsman ever to walk the earth
Ali is… perhaps the weakest
Ali is… over two and a half hours long and feels every minute of it
Ali is… a site where educators and content providers post ideas of lessons, curriculums and other interesting material for other students
Ali is… still on its feet by the time its herky-jerky narrative exhausts itself
Ali is… knocked down by Smokin Joe Frazier at Madison Square Garden
Ali is… remembered in Songhai oral tradition as a magician of great power

As you can tell Ali is a lot of interesting things… wouldn't ya think? 😉