Time for a little RANT!

Sometimes I think people should PROOFREAD things. One would think this would happen a bit more often than it actually does. Perhaps this is a reason why I so much appreciate Bob the Angry Flower but really!! *sighs* Sometimes the little things matter. Like the difference between its and it's. Or two, to, and too… or even the difference between different terms.

The current frustration ought to be edited out tomorrow during business hours… or this rant will become a bit more of a diatribe. There's only so often one can push my buttons before I'll have to do something. And this could anger people far better than I. I'm not angry — this time. Nor will I be, if this THING gets edited promptly. But honestly!

Anywho… In other news… this was a most awesome day. Lots of great conversations with people online (and yesterday too!)… a super shift at work… and so much else great! Even with the rain (and who doesn't like rain every now and then)… it turned out to be a remarkably great day (I am referring to the day that has just ended, and not the one that has just begun thank you very much).

Again… proofreading, and editing prooves important. 'nuff sed.