I'm Back! (and happy!)

Hi All!
Here's a quick update… Circle K LSSP and ICON was a wonderful experience. I truly enjoyed every moment I spent out in St. Louis. Some notable happenings were:

Standing on Ladders (yay!)
Climbing the tree (why not?)
Fixing the hole (someone had to!)
Hotdogs, hotdogs and more hotdogs!
Carrying the Canadian Flag in the Kiwanis International Convention Opening Ceremonies! (woohoo!)
Keeping kids from injuring themselves with adult scissors (four-year-olds are actually not as bad as the 6-7 year olds surprizingly)
The St. Louis Zoo! (gotta love the puffins and penguins, elephants, zebras and tortoises!) Also yay for the Carousel, the motion simulator… and the crazy dot ice cream stuff!
Forest Park! (that thing is IMMENSE!)
The Ferris Wheel! (kind of nice to recreat the 1904 World Fair that way)
The Turtle Park! (loved climbing on the turtles!!)
The Arch!!! (WAY to get Vertigo!)
The Riverfront of the Mississippi! (nice place to hang out actually)
The Old Spaghetti Factory 🙂 (cheapest GOOD food available)
Running into old friends, and great acquaintances!!! (missing them already!!)
Making new friends! (and them too!)
My camera dying…. (on the 2nd day to boot! But I probably ruined all my film anyway though improper packing)
Loads of airports… (5 flights)
Spending the night in the Toronto Airport… *sigh* (not as bad as it could be though… but I'm not a ray of sunshine on the way home from these things)
Crazy fun caucuses! (yay for all the stellar themes!)
House of Delegates!! (not as negative as last year… and just as tense!)
Stress! (well of course!)
Elation!!!! (That was one fantastic moment!)
Tears (happy ones mostly).
The July 4th Fireworks!! (best EVER!)
Spending the night 6 in a room in Illinois (yay for naptime!)
Carribean style Dancing! (new dance moves?)
Jamaican food!!! (pepper shrimp, dried Plantains… and don't forget Ting!)
Late nights…. (no early ones really!)
Hearing one too many anti-drinking talks *groan* (that was just wierd!)
Painting…. (especially the ceiling! I love ladders!)
Breakfasts at the All-Star Diner! (what else is open at that hour?)
Loads of fast food… (when you have almost no time to eat…)
Catfish (hmmm?)
The MANY fountains!! (great sculptures!)
Playing in the fountain… (always fun past midnight)
The sand scupture. (great stuff!)
The MetroLink! (nope *I* didn't have problems…)
Kiwanians!! 🙂
Even a few Key Clubbers!
And our wonderful K-Kids Kiwanis speaker!
And our Aktion Club speaker!
Fancy clothes…
Mascots (and lots of 'em!)
Crazy parties…
Great experiences…
Oh yeah… and that running for office thing too 😉

All and all… It was an incredibly enjoyable experience!