Couple comments and updated USA map.

Hey all!
Just another observation for the day. I've determined that I'm the most productive early in the day and late in the day (something I've always known) but that curling up with a book (or for a nap, or spending time with friends, or dozing through a workshop or lecture or something) is the best way to spend my afternoons (barring work or some other requirement). Getting long distance phone calls also rocks in mid-afternoons (if I'm home). Of course the bestest thing would be to curl up with a friend and a book and nap etc. but the likelihood of such is so infantessible that I'm not even going to think too much about it for the time being (I miss WAY too many people WAY too much me thinks!).

Anywho… since this map has most certainly changed… and will likely change more this year… This shows what US states I have been to!

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