Off to St. Louis very very soon….

I really ought to be packing, or otherwise doing something productive. Instead, I decided that updateing this before I left was a good idea… especially since people might wonder where I've disappeared to.

So I leave for LSSP on Thursday night (technically Friday morning) following the Orientation Volunteer BBQ. So I'll go to the BBQ, shower and change and then head on to the airport (yay for parents for driving!!!). So I still have yet to figure out just how I'm stuffing all my stuff into my luggage and so on… but it'll be done. Not quite the same stuff as last year (more books, school supplies, smaller and different gifts… slightly different amount of pins to trade (less), some other stuff… etc. And slightly different clothes. Hopefully it all fits. I'm going to cross my fingers on this one. At least St. Louis will be good and warm… so clothes don't have to be so bulky or anything.

In other news, I picked up a few more CDs at the CD sale (I gotta stop spending money like that… but honestly when else can I buy a CD for $2 benefitting such great causes as environmentalism or breast cancer?).

So I'll be back in town on the 6th… Don't expect to hear much from me until then. And I'm sure I'll get next to no sleep whilst gone.