The Terminal & Jeux d'enfants

So I've been watching a good number of semi-frustrating (BUT AMAZING) movies as of late.
This evening I saw The Terminal. Which was a fantastic portrayal of an airport terminal, and the US Airport staff/Immigration staff. Quite amazing. And Tom Hanks was rather great as well. He really looked the part (boy he'd gained weight) and the accent was impeccable. Such a sweet guy… Felt kind of sad about the poor friend at the end though. Made me wonder what would have actually happened to him. Catherine Zeta-Jones looked amazing in the flick… although I really didn't care much for her character, she wasn't all that charitable to Victor. Honestly! Anyway, so as not to give too much away… it's more a drama than a comedy really… so keep that in mind when you see it (though there's a LOT of funny bits!).
The other film I saw this week that fits that above description is Love Me if You Dare or Jeux d'enfants. A subtitled french film, which was playing at the Princess, this one shows how things might work if your entire relationship with someone worked around a giant game of dares. Quite frustrating because why would you want to do that to ANYONE, especially someone you love, and yet… sweet, and fun at the same time. Bizarre of course… and has a rather uhhh interesting ending (I refuse to give too much away, mind you!).
I fully reccomend both to everyone. Just don't see The Terminal right before taking off for the airport 😉