Golden Boy is…

… funny!! Great to sit down and watch some crazy anime for once. Really crazy stuff. I can't remember the stuff we watched first… although it seemed that there was this pedophile and these crazed characters… and it seemed rather like they were making fun of JPOP and a zillion other anime stuff. Suffice it to say that first anime stuff was quite silly. Golden Boy on the other hand was way more content rich… and funny! 🙂 The toilet obsessions! The objectification of women! The crude silliness! And the noble refusal to be anything but well… somewhat decent… whether wanting to or not is another story entirely… *laughs* Better than that even, it was great to see Sckott and Maria and Clarence again. And some nice bright funny stuff!! 🙂

In other news… the CD sale at the UofA Bookstore is now at 80% off. This means of course that the selection's getting rather picked over… but I still managed to find 9 CDs that I wanted (and if I don't end up liking a few, I'm positive that either my bro or dad will like them… but I'm pretty sure that they'll be good!). What'd I get? My fave record as a kid on CD (kids music!), a Loreena McKennitt Christmas CD (hey I like Christmas Music and restocked my entire Christmas music collection over this CD sale thing), God Bless America (hey as much as it's not Canada, the price is right, and I rather like the songs. Plus I rather need to re-learn the Star-Spangled Banner lyrics at some point anyway…), a Nana Mouskouri CD in french (she's pretty great last I checked, although all I ever had of her was Christmas stuff), the More Dirty Dancing CD (I rather like Salsa, Merengue and the like… plus that movie was rather great in my books…), the Roswell CD (from the tv show. Which I actually used to really like… but the soundtrack has such great stuff on it), a Billy Gilman CD (not the big one with One Voice on it, but another one entirely… hopefully it's just as great), and a double CD set of music from the golden age of hollywood musicals (I got to see these sometime I think!)… yes a wierd selection… but hey the sale's getting rather picked over… and I'm not about to start trying new artists without having listened to them first… at least a bit.

In still other news… Indian (from India) personal ads are quite quite amusing. Quite a difference from our personal ads. I'm really going to like this research project I'm working on!!

Oh and sleep is nice. 🙂