Firsts & Lasts, Philosophy… and comments…

First best friend: Megan Rippon
First real memory of something: the rag quilts on the floor of the house in Revelstoke on which I played.
First car: n/a unless you count toys… in which case it was likely a Tonka truck that I 'borrowed' from my brother… either that or some McDonalds' toy… or a lego creation of mine.
First date: I saw Shakespeare In Love with Dan. I distinctly remember meeting his grandparents afterward. Why is it that I tend to meet any significant other's parents AND grandparents before they meet mine? 😉 Not that it's a bad thing, just an odd realization.
First real job: SaveOnFoods Cashier (unless you count substitute paper route person, or hostessing at teacher convention)
First screen name: menollyswimkid or something.
First self purchased album: Uhhh… No idea really. Probably one of the Grammys CDs from like 1998 or 1999 or something… you can tell I don't buy much for myself.
First pets: n/a
First piercing/tattoo: n/a
First true love: n/a
First enemy: uhhh… long story. I have no clue though.
First big trip: unless you count moving from BC to Alberta when I was almost 3 years old, and the family trips back and forth since… I'd say the Quebec trip with my class in grade nine.
First play/musical/performance: Likely the Fort Saskatchewan Music Festival playing piano
First musician you remember hearing in your house: you mean on the radio? Uhhh… no clue… honestly. Maybe the Beatles or some country or oldies or something. First ever song I listened to on popular radio was in 1992 and was Donna Lewis' I Love You Always Forever

Last big car ride: Big? In an actual car? Hmmm… back from Regina with Roy and Merron from Kiwanis Mid-Winter. Otherwise, the bus trip back from Regina with Key Club.
Last kiss: Scott.
Last good cry: Uhhh… honestly I don't remember. This can be taken to be a very good thing though.
Last library book checked out: some book for my essay on Volunteerism/Kiwanis.
Last movie seen: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (in full), I saw part of Pulp Fiction today… but I still haven't seen the whole thing.
Last beverage drank: water.
Last food consumed: pizza (thanks to Brendan's WONDERFUL friends 🙂 )
Last phone call: uhhh… the SUN was trying to get me to agree to one of those promotions again.
Last tv show watched: Futurama on DVD (what else is new??)
Last time showered: This morning
Last shoes worn: workshoes (really comfy nice Merrells slip ons in black. A little big but what the hey! They rock!)
Last cd played: Me? Singer and Songwriter compilation. Cassette tapes: Kim's copies of her Savage Garden/Darren Hayes songs.
Last item bought: a multigrain kaiser from work (I got hungry)
Last disappointment: uhhh… that more people didn't show up to my Grad get together (not that I'm surprised actually this tends to be the case when I plan things)
Last soda drank: technically part of that disturbing Blue Cow thing from Baskin Robbins was Grape Crush.
Last ice cream eaten: if you don't count whatever was in the Blue Cow thing… then rainbow sorbet.
Last time wanting to die: uh… I don't. Death doesn't bother me. And I don't want to die either.
Last time scolded: I get scolded? Really? It's been a while.
Last shirt worn: currently wearing a Molson Canadian 3/4 length top.
Last website visited: uhhh… to read new comics

You are a Philosopher!

Hmmmm… You're an idiot because you constantly think about the meaning of life, and why exactly we're all here. You more than likely have thought up a complex explanation, but most people think you're wrong (and you probably are).

So I'm posting again. What else is new? Really! 🙂 I started reading Catch-22 today. I think that it will be a good book. I'm already enjoying the humor, and I'm only in the second chapter. Quite an interesting read!
I never realize just how wasteful people are until it smacks me in the face yet again. Sure I grew up reading the Tightwad Gazette, being proud of frugal living, and trying to to my best within my means (and yes I have liberated myself a bit from this)… I also grew up trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible (GO Captain Planet!), and so on. And every day I awake to more waste. Not that it's necessarily a bad thing (and honestly, its worse in places that aren't as forward thinking as Edmonton with relation to recycling and whatnot), but I guess it's been rubbing me the wrong way as of late. Kind of an odd realization, I know… but I'm all about Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Reclaim… and any of the other environmentally friendly 'R's. Sure I'm no hippy or anything extreme, but STILL! 🙂