Harry Potter and One Hundred Years….

I finally saw Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban yesterday. Frankly, I was both impressed and disappointed. Impressed that the actors had improved so much over time, and at the overall impression/appeal of the film. Disappointed, as the movie made me want to have seen more, not only would additional character development been useful, but more of the plot development would have been incredibly enjoyable. On a whole it was a decent movie… although I'd really like to see what the DVD extras would be, I'm hoping that there's some cut bits that would help things. In any case, asides from the fact that there was a person with a physical/mental disability in the theatre occasionally making really odd noises… it was nice to have the theatre almost to myself for the entire flick. Gotta love weekday matinees (although I still think $9 is rather expensive for a movie, even with using my gift certificate finally).
And yesterday, I also FINALLY finished reading One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I was rather impressed. The ending made the whole novel make a great deal more sense… and the novel itself is filled with so many little fantastical segments. Quite the interesting world, Macondo makes in this novel. I'm quite pleased to have finally read it. Gabriel Garcia Marquez can be a hard read, but a pleasurable one… once you get over the fact that in this book (often compared to Isabel Allende's The House of the Spirits, which I TRULY enjoyed) has a lot of repeated names… which can be confusing, especially if you're not paying attention.
In other news… I determined yesterday that I still fit children's clothing! What a cool thing!! 🙂 Of course not everything fits (well I am an adult afterall, and thus have something of a figure… perhaps not much, but enough to make some things akward, and others silly). Gotta love it when I find out that an awesome friend of mine works at a girls' clothing store, and helps me find cheap funky clothes! (I must admit that my closet and bureau of drawers are starting to get rather overflowing with clothes… mostly from my tendancy to want to make sure I have stuff to suit various dress codes.
Also, Baskin Robbins' Blue Cow Frosty thingy is NOT worth the time or money. Somehow it did not cross me the right way. I should stick to Bubble tea drinks (or milky tea with sago, or bubble milk drinks, juice with sago etc.) or just the plain old milkshakes and smoothies and juices.