School, moods and other things…

I think I'm going to make a good quality post now (hey wait, why the heck did my stomach just start aching? That's no fun!).

Well, this week I still remain in Limbo. I'm STILL not accepted into the Faculty of Arts, and I HAVE to know before the time I leave the country (in otherwords before the 23rd most likely in order to register and get the paperwork in). How frustrating!
But two bright lights exist on the horizon:
1. People in the Arts faculty DO answer my e-mails. Currently my Application IS getting processed by the senior advisor to give me a credit assessment.
2. I got into the poetry writing class. Apparently my portfolio was weak, however, and I'm ordered to read loads of poetry this summer, especially 20th century stuff and some more recent Canadian poetry. Any suggestions?

I think other people's moods affect me rather lots. Even if their mood has nothing whatsoever to do with me, it's as if Grumpy Bear's Storm cloud likes me too… sometimes. On the bright side Grumpy Bear's always been my favorite Carebear. (I'm really frustrated that they didn't bring him back in a BIG way)

Other things:
I like the rain! I wish I had the guts to go puddle jumping though. How fun that would be!!
The flowers outside my window are really pretty.
Listening to random music is interesting. Especially when I fall asleep midday listening to the most upbeat stuff. Odd.
I'm missing contact with people. I gotta see people more often I think. I tend to be more happy when I see a friend (any friend of mine really) at least once a day (roommate not included… roommate's good too, but that's an exception to the rule, due to being roommate).