June 2nd.

Hi all!
So Apparently… as much as I haven't yet been accepted into my program for the fall (and this frustrates me to no end)… I convocate from University on June 2nd.

Therefore, you are all hereby invited to celebrate with me! The evening of June 2nd.

At 6:30PM… I suppose would be a good time (I really don't wanna be organizing… but I've been inviting everyone to enjoy for a while now) to start… and how about we all just meet at my place?

The address is available upon request… it's downtown Edmonton in any case.
Let me know if you'll be coming. It'll be super casual just hanging out and talking (maybe even some card playing good times or something else like that) who knows. This should thus fit everyone's budget.
I wanna see you all there (if you're in the vicinity that is)! (it's a Wednesday night… feel free to not come if otherwise busy… leave early… come late (just let me know when) or not come at all. depending on what's up (in otherwords whatever other conflicts you may have eg. dance, work, life etc.)