Why answering the phone is important… :)

So I wake up this morning to the phone ringing. This, my friends, is not unusual, given that people do tend to call from my place of employment. Friends however do not call frequently at 8:30ish in the morning… as much as I love to hear from them (I really honestly don't mind phone calls at any time of the day… given that I'm home that is). Anywho… I answer it, and it's my work calling, telling me that the shift I was supposed to be working tonight was double scheduled (service clerk shift) and that since this was the case, would I like to work in the morning instead since someone was a no show for the 7AM-3PM shift (this happens too frequently!! Why is it that so many people neglect to show up for their shifts at work? I mean honestly! Then again, why am I complaining… I get more hours this way-) So I tell him yes, and arrive at work within half an hour… ready to rumble.

My feet are rather sore though. Wearing my new shoes for the very first time can do that I suppose. But I need to trash my old ones, so it's all good in the end.

In othernews… I spent a whole heck of a lot of money yesterday. Underwear and clothes are expensive. But at least I got a bunch of good deals and these were afterall items I needed. Like the Canadian Girls Rule for example, which will be perfect for ICON. Gotta love being in the States during Canada Day (really…!).

Keep smiling EVERYONE! I miss you all… and wanna hear from you. YES YOU! All of you!

And remember June 2nd in the evening… that's when I wanna see those of you who are nearby… So remember to pencil it into your calendars!