So, I was thinking…

I was thinking… since this journal-y thingy seems to include a lot of quizzes but not enough REAL writing, that I'd make sure to actually write something of use every time I posted a quiz (or thereabouts) since quizzes apparently aren't what most of you are here for (although some of you enjoy 'em… kudos to you!).

So… today I was Most definitely sore. All over. Partially from all the walking I've been doing, but also because of all the working, that little bit of soccer, and of course, the hand weights that I occasionally play with in my apartment. I was sore yesterday and the day before too, but today was exceptionally bad.

Also I've been eating junk. Yep. And been really intrigued by all the new-ish food possibilities at work these days. I rather liked the Parfait we sell (for $1.89!) at our Bakery… yum! I should really teach myself portion control better anyway.

Like I've told many of you, I convocate on June 2nd. And I was thinking I'd organize a gathering of friends that evening somewheres to celebrate (I'm doing the morn and convocation itself with my parents I guess mostly). I was thinking that we could hit a restaurant or something… and then do something else afterwards maybe (or just keep it low key at a restaurant or something with the majority of the group and those who CAN stay out later can do whatever else?). Any ideas or preferences? I was thinking somewheres to eat around here would be nice probably… ? (afterall it is a Wednesday)

Getting stuck at the Heritage Bus station was thoroughly entertaining today, I must say. Thank the lucky stars that Clarice and Alto Found me walking along the road around there… and took me to meet the rest of the group. What good luck Ali had….

Anywho… next time, I ought to pay better attention to the bus schedules. Apparently, I can't teleport from my work to the bus station I desired AND change within one minute flat.