Another quiz.

1.Name: Ali
2.Birthday: July 24, 1982
3.Age: 21
4.Zodiac Sign: Leo (isn't this obvious at this point?)
5.Where you live: Edmonton

6. If you died tomorrow who would you leave everything you own to? Probably to my family such that they could figure out what to do with it. But realistically I'd give the stuff that I ought to give to particular people anyway to those people! Then I'd do what is above listed (my friends could have their pick I suppose)
7. If you had to go live in borneo for the rest of your life and you could take one person on this earth, who would you take? Ack?!? If I had a soul mate, I'd pick that person. Sure. That's it.

8.Who is the one person that you could stand spending a straight 24 hours with and not get the slightest bit annoyed with? Well Anastasia has never annoyed me yet… so how about that?
9.If you woke up one morning and noticed that your leg was missing who would be the first person you would call? My parents honestly.
10.Let's say your dad came in your room one day and told you that you had to get married in the next week but you can pick the person but you have to stay with them for the rest of your life no getting out of it, who would you pick? My dad would NEVER do that. And no I have no clue.
11. What if you woke up tomorrow and you were someone else completely, who would you be? Anastasia (it would be interesting for a day anyway… I rather would prefer to be me thank you very much). If that wasn't a choice then probably Mercedes Lackey (but I'm not so sure about the birds….) or maybe J. K. Rowling (although she's a bit too famous somehow….)

12.What would be the first thing you would do if you woke up one morning and you were the opposite sex? Try to figure out how on earth that happened…. and then try to figure out if I were still dreaming, or had somehow been transported to a world like that of The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula Le Guin.
13.If all of a sudden you had the ability to do one thing better than everyone else, have one amazing talent, what would it be? I think it would be to develop stronger relationships with people.
14.If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change? Be a little more soft spoken in instances where this is warranted.
15.What is your dream career? Honestly, three things: Be a wife and parent, write fiction books successfully (published), and do service.
16.What is the one thing you just have to do before you die? LIVE!
17.If you could be a member of any band that has ever exsisted, what band would that be? Hmmmm…. how about the background dancer for The Byrds? (I would RUIN their sound if I opened my mouth!)
18.What is the thing you care about most in your life? Others.

19.winter or summer? Spring or Fall actually.
20.the beach or the mountains? the mountains.
21.pop or punk? pop
22.rock or rap? rock!!! york or L.A.? Would be nice to see NY.
24.milk chocolate or dark chocolate? milk chocolate.
25.dogs or cats? cats (not evil attack dogs… not that dogs are bad… I just have particular dislikes for several of them)
26.britney or christina? uh… Britney actually.
27.leno or letterman? No clue.
28.mtv or vh1? no clue. Never seen either really. or classical? Both actually or night? night is good (no sunburns!)
31.lake or ocean? hmmm… no clue. haven't seen the ocean in too long.
32.waffles or pancakes? pancakes. or football? Soccer I guess. or swimming? SWIMMING!
35.chocolate or vanilla? vanilla
36.sugar or spice? uh… both?
37.grisham or canyon vista? I is confused!!
38.eminem-please stand up or please shut up? combination of both. (I rather liked the song: Stan)

39.If you could be in any movie as the lead role what movie would it be? Why not 10 Things I Hate About You as Kat.
40.If you could design your perfect mate what would he/she look like and be like? Honestly? Looks: 1. Not be physically repulsive 2. takes good care of himself (to a certain extent please!) 3. Shows some emotion (even if only in private… If he's stolid all the time that's not exactly all that easy to deal with) 4. sure I might have preferences looks wise beyond that, but those are rather in combinations rather than just features. Personality: 1. Be kind. 2. Thoughtful (again to a certain extent. in both of these features being too nice CAN be a problem) 3. HAVE a personality! 4. Be able to keep up his end of a conversation (this would be nice!). 5. Probably share some interests… and probably my friends shouldn't hate his guts ('cause that likely indicates something negative)
41.If you won the lottery what would you do with your, let's say, 18 million dollars? Invest some, start a scholarship through CKI (why not?), build my dream house, travel more, buy new shoes! (mine are totally worn out!!!), pay for tuition… Use some to help start up a good CKI marketting campaign or something else equally useful…. donate some, have fun!
42.What is the single most embarressing thing that has ever happened to you? there is ONE?

43.fallen in front of someone you thought to be quite good looking? not especially. into a wall? YES.
45.sleep walked? nope.
46.gone skinny-dipping? unknown (if I did, I was awfully young to remember
47.kissed someone of the same sex? not in that way, no.
48.snuck out of the house at night? no need to sneek out of the house.
49.gotten in a car wreck where you are the driver? never (I don't drive) then again I have been close (but not in an accident, thank you very much)
50.laughed so hard that what you were drinking spewed out your nose? yes.
51.started laughing really hard so you just spit out what you had in your mouth cause you couldn't swallow? yep.
52.swallow a bug? yep.
53. have you ever actually kept a new year's resolution? not really formally… since I don't make them!