LJ meet up… *sighs* and other random stuff.

Firstly, I'd like to start off by saying that I had a marvelous time at the meet up this time. It was quite pleasant. Especially talking and meeting with so many interesting people. vernondalhart was especially gifted with the talent for great conversations (and also intelligence)… quite the refreshing thing to see.

Honestly speaking it was quite interesting. And I think I'll explain why with a short list:

1. Carla sandwhich
2. Simon's great conversations
3. Jackie's magnificent artwork
4. Couch sitting
5. Hot chocolate
6. Colin's hat!!!
7. Squealing
8. Poking/tickle fights
9. Falling off the couch
10. Smoke inhalation *sighs* I'm just too darnned sensitive sometimes!
11. Pizza
12. The park (and mosquito bites)
13. Getting camera batteries from home
14. Walking with Jackie
15. Meeting new people
16. Good music
17. Crazy nice people
18. Getting such a nice warm welcome
19. It being so conveniently located
20. Of course great stories to hear! Kudos to Jackie, Shawna, Carla and Simon for these really!
21. Hitting my head (gosh I gotta stop doing that. I came to the meetup with a headache though and thus left without it)

And that's that for my short meetup summary.

But as for other things:
I did the following today (in no particular order):

1. bought new shoes (thank goodness! Yay for my feet no longer hurting within the first few moments of work I hope!)
2. got a question answered by the English dept. (*grumble* why is it that people go on vacation right when I need to talk with them about something of import?)
3. got a haircut (I still don't really know if it's going to suit my purposes… but whatever)
4. bought wrap pants, and shorts (bought a wrap skirt yesterday)
5. sent my old roommate her mail and whatnot finally
6. other stuff.

Yep. My life is just enthralling, isn't it???