5 things survey…

5 things you are wearing…
1. the necklace I bought on my grade nine Quebec trip (a sun)
2. long blue jean skirt
3. Black top (sleeveless)
4. My watch
5. Underwear

5 things you are doing right now…
1. this survey
2. eating supper (hot! Udon soup of my creation… not quite traditional, but whatever, I'm lazy)
3. Listening to John Lennon music
4. Thinking about how to spend my evening
5. Breathing… (no really!)

5 things you ate in the last 24 hours…
1. The Udon soup stuff I'm eating right now (multigrain noodles are not quite traditional… but whatever)
2. candy & chocolate
3. Chiabattia bread (sp?)
4. Mini Wheats with milk & strawberries
5. Vegetarian Samosas

5 things you did so far today…
1. woke up (slept in!)
2. used the internet
3. hosted a team meeting for my Orientation volunteers
4. gave out the Key Club Convention Registration forms to the fellow CKIers I'm going with
5. did dishes

5 things you can hear right now…
1. John Lennon music
2. Buzzing computer
3. The click clack of my computer keys
4. The sloppy eating noises I'm making
5. Mouse clicking

5 thoughts in your head…
1. To do something tonight or to not do something fun tonight… that is the question.
2. Should I call someone on the phone?
3. Why hasn't the KC DA called me yet?
4. yummy soup!
5. Relaxing music!

5 things you look for when you're picking a girlfriend/boyfriend…
1. Overall attractive person (personality and appearance)
2. Good attitude
3. Is nice
4. Mutual liking
5. Some interests etc. in common

5 things you love…
1. LIFE!
2. CKI!
3. Canada!
4. Service!
5. New stuff?