A REAL post!

Okay, so I thought I'd finally post something real rather than just survey thingys (not that survey thingys aren't great and all… but!

The school year is over (yay!) but exams are not (meh.)… CKI stuff is stepping up to high gear for me for the summer (so many trips!). But I'm not so big of a fan of organizing all the excursions (and the pocketbook will likely ache after this… *sighs* oh well).

On the bright side I got my GST rebate today! They owed me like 2 cents extra, so I got that too! (really really wanna ger reimbursed for a bunch of my expenses and whatnot…).

My roommate IS moving out (on like the 25th or so). So I do need to figure out THAT situation ASAP.

My room is now the only area that is a disaster area in my apt now… mainly 'cause of my laundry and papers everywheres. I'll clean it ASAP… really.

Airfare is pricey this summer (*grumbles*), and I'm not too pleased with that… but hopefully it'll make for a more entertaining ICON and other trips.

CKI eats my life… but I that's better than all the other possibilities of things to eat my life… REALLY.

So now I just need to look for some people to join me on my CKI trip to Banff (May 7-9) to meet up with the people from the PNW district doing a retreat there… hopefully someone who can drive… 'cause Greyhound is darnned expensive.